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Power Shift In Renewable Markets

The Outbreak

On the dawn of Covid-19, the solar decade had moments of uncertainty, but (SEIA) Solar Energy Industry Associations is preparing guidelines for new legislation to put into effect for 2021 and following years to come. The future of solar arrived with new members in Congress and the framework that will open doors to new jobs for Americans.

Since the pandemic initially surfaced on mainstream news, we began thinking ahead and implementing safeguards to avoid future threats; long-term development has become the new fundamental structure of how we execute plans of action.

power shift in renewable markets

Adapting To Change

The new administration is looking to reestablish the controversial climate crisis as a primary target entering 2021. Suggested research states that renewable energy alone will not stop climate change and is not the only solution to our ecological devastation. However, we can gather information regarding the supply & demand of electrical energy through its market data. The patterns signify fluctuation, but are still relatively consistent compared to the disruptions in other industries.

As for investing in energy innovation in 2020, it has been affected by the pandemic to a lesser extent. Given the contribution of innovation to “mega-trends” such as electrification and climate change, energy innovation is expected to continue to flourish in 2021.

“Solar generation is projected to increase from 11 percent of total U.S. renewable generation in 2017 to 48 percent by 2050. If the growth persists, we can bet on it being the fastest growing electricity source to date,” according to the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions.


To achieve accurate results on data trends for the solar industry, each project must have analytical records of the installments, including every sub-system hierarchy that occurs within a project. Advanced research methods will be required to push forward with additional efforts to strengthen its digital infrastructure and energy data handling. Welcome to the Tech age.

-Alessandria Elyss Fernandez

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