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How to Find a Quality Electrician

Electrical wiring may seem like a simple thing because either the light goes on, or it doesn’t. Your electrical system is a vast independent network of circuits that are safe if they’re installed properly. But if they’re poorly designed, they can damage appliance motors and electronic gears because they didn’t get the right number of amps. Lights that are connected to even partially overloaded circuits can flicker when an appliance is being used. The breaker could trip, or a fuse can blow (which can shut the circuit down entirely). That’s why you need to hire an experienced electrician to help you avoid these problems.

How to Find and Hire the Right Electrician

Electricians tend to specialize in specific areas. Some focus on electrical installation for new construction projects. Others focus on commercial work, while some only do service calls related to electrical repair (whether it’s to fix dead outlets or repair faulty fixtures). Electricians who specialize in remodeling have mastered the techniques for wiring existing homes and additions (such as snaking wires through finished walls, determining the capacity of existing circuits, and deciding whether to install another service panel).

Most general contractors have a small list of reliable electricians. But if your contractor can’t recommend one, get in touch with your local homebuilders’ association or an electrical supply store in your area to see if they can give you a recommendation. Be sure to tell them what type of work you’re doing, so they can match you with the right person.

When you’re interviewing an electrician, ask them to give you a copy of his or her state license and proof of insurance. Make sure that both of them are current. An electrician who is working on a standard remodeling job for a residential property should have at least $500,000 in liability insurance, as well as workers’ compensation for everyone on the job site. If it all looks good, check any references and look at any previous jobs that he or she has done in the past.

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Qualifications of a Home Electrician

Finding a good electrician is easier than finding the right carpenter or plumber. You can assume that electricians have a certain level of competence when they show you their state license, but there are two levels of professionalism that you have to consider. Most types of electrical work require a permit, which is issued by your local building department. Before the building inspector can sign off on the job, he or she must look at it to see if everything is up to code. This adds another layer to the proverbial safety net.

Master electricians have to pass a standardized test and must have at least two years of experience. They know the National Electric Code and any modifications that your state has made to it. They have the necessary qualifications to plan, design, install, and maintain an electrical system for your project. Journeyman electricians haven’t qualified for the master’s license, but they’re also licensed by the state. Some states require them to work with a master electrician. They’re not legally allowed to design electrical systems, but they can install wiring and equipment.

Judging an Electrician’s Quality of Workmanship

While it takes a trained eye to find mistakes made by an electrician, you can eliminate some names on your list by looking at the neatness of their work. If you’re able to access a site, find a place where there are a large number of wires running together (usually near a service panel). The flat, white, plastic-sheathed cable that’s used in the wiring of most residential electrical systems should run to the service panel in a neat and orderly fashion. If the cables are crossed and jumbled (or if they droop from joist to joist), the electrician isn’t doing a methodical job or taking the level of care that’s needed to safely install electrical wiring.

The cover plates on switches and outlets around the living area should be plumb and square to the wall, and they should be flat against the face. If they’re not, the electrician didn’t take the time to set the utility box squarely against the studs and at the proper distance from the wall. If any part of the work looks sloppy, hire an electrician who pays closer attention to detail.

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